In order to complete either the Restricted or Open Registration courses the student is required to download a copy of Standards AS/ACIF S009:2006. These standards are required for the student to complete two of the examinations.

Standards AS/ACIF S008:2006 is not required for the course but it is recommended that the student reads this standard before attending the course.

Cabling Registration Forms

On successful completion of the course the student must register with one of the registrars using their registration form.

The student must also enclose a copy of their certificate which is in the student pack issued to each student on completion.

TCA1 Form*

You must complete and sign a Telecommunications Cabling Advice (TCA1) form on completion of your cabling job. When filling out your form you should:

You must keep all copies of your TCA1 forms for at least 12 months and these must be made available to ACMA inspectors or auditors on request. You can make arrangements with your employer (if applicable) to keep your TCA1 forms on your behalf but, ultimately, you are responsible for them. To avoid additional paperwork, you can incorporate the information of the TCA1 form into an existing invoice or other business documentation.

TCA2 Form*

This form is an optional addition to the TCA1 Telecommunications Cabling Advice form. It may be used by registered cablers to alert the customer or building manager of any non-compliant cable installations that are outside the contracted scope of work.

*Information taken from the ACMA website