Combined Endorsements Course

Combined Endorsements Course

This course combines the Structured Cabling Endorsement Course, Optical Fibre Endorsement Course and Coaxial Cabling Endorsement Course (COAX).


  • Prepare for installation of optical fibre cable
  • Install, terminate and test optical fibre cable
  • Remove fibre hazards from work area
  • Document installation  & Install, terminate and test coaxial cable
  • Remove termination waste from work area
  • Document installation & Prepare for installation of structured cabling
  • Install structured cable
  • Terminate structured cable
  • Certify system performance to required level and complete documentation for client

Targeted Audience

Technicians requiring specific cabling types to add to their ACMA card.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • ICTCBL301 - Install, Terminate and Certify Structured Cabling Installation
  • ICTCBL302 - Install and Terminate Optical Fibre Cable on Customer Premises
  • ICTCBL303 - Install and Terminate Coaxial Cable

Learning Methods

5 days, Face to Face



ID Course Date Duration Fee Location Register
1090567 Combined Endorsements Course 15-06-2020
5 sessions $1200 SALISBURY Limited Availability
1200784 Combined Endorsements Course 11-05-2020
2 days $1200 SALISBURY Places Available