Integracom is dedicated to providing the highest quality training and assessment, this starts with ensuring that you, our staff and students (prospective and existing), understand our responsibilities to you and your rights during your studies. Below, we have provided a list of our policies and procedures which talk about how we ensure quality in the training and assessment we deliver.


Student Information Guide

Employer Information Guide

We believe that knowledge is power, so we aim to give you all the information that you need to know about us and how we operate before you sign up for one of our courses. The Student Information Guide and Employer Information Guide are the go to guides on our (and your) rights and responsibilities while you are training with us.


Fees, Charges and Refunds Policy & Procedure

Want to know how we calculate fees? Issue invoices? Issue refunds? Or when we charge additional fees?

Recognition Policy

Have you undertaken previous study? Been working in the industry for years? If you think so, you may be eligible for recognition.

Complaints, Grievance and Appeals Policy

Need to provide us with some feedback? Have a problem that you need fixed? We can’t get better if you don’t let us know. Download Complaints Form and email Do you have questions or disagree about an assessment outcome? Then download our Appeals Form.

Student Support Policy

Training can get complicated, need a little more help? Integracom is dedicated to providing every single student with exactly what you need to complete your qualification!

Enrolment Policy

Enrolling in a qualification can be a little complicated and there are lots of documents you may need to complete, to simplify things we have provided an easy to understand flow chart and handy check list.

Access and Equity Policy

Code of Conduct

This is our mission statement and guide of practice.

Student Engagement & Induction Policy and Procedure

How do we engage with students and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision before signup?

RTO Licensing and Legislation List

As an RTO we are heavily regulated and audited often to ensure that we are doing the right thing by our staff, employers and of course you, the student.


Increased skill and knowledge levels, leading to greater motivation and career opportunities.

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